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This article contains material that is not in the current version of Tekkit.
The content you see here is not available if you are using the current version.

Forestry (mod homepage here ) is a mod that is no longer included in the Tekkit package. This mod is very useful for several fully and semi-automatic forms of farming. It includes beekeeping, new engines, new fuels and more. It is possible to re-add it to your Tekkit or vanilla Minecraft, which many choose to do. Instructions of how to do this can be found below.

Removal Of Forestry

Forestry was removed with little chance of returning after mod creator SirSengir added coding to the mod which disallowed its continued use in Tekkit, and went as far as causing destruction of Tekkit when it was detected to have been in a Technic/Tekkit subfolder. (Click here for more )

Installation of Forestry onto your Tekkit.

Simple instructions to add forestry back to Tekkit (drag and drop). Start by downloading the files you require. Current version: Forestry version

Client Installation


File:Forestry Install Tutorial-0
This video from GAGA15 & Mastur_Grunt shows how to install forestry.

*Use WinKey+R (RUN) and type "%appdata%\.techniclauncher\tekkit\"

  • Extract into the Tekkit folder, replacing existing files.


  • User > Library > Application Support > techniclauncher > tekkit
  • Extract into tekkit folder (replace existing files)

Server Installation (All operating systems)

  • Server Files
  • Extract to server directory, replacing all files.
  • If additional help is needed get live support from blaize9 on Teamspeak (HERE).
  • This has been tested on Tekkit Server 3.1.2



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