Peat-fired Engine

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Peat-fired Engines require Peat for operation and produce Ash in the process.

Peat will burn for a very long duration; a single stack can burn for many hours. However, it only produces power equivalent to a Steam Engine at 1 MJ/t. One will need a large number of Peat-fired Engines to be able to burn the peat produced by a single Peat Bog. These engines are cheap to produce and make a great early power source.

The Ash that is produced from this process is the cheapest way to make Fertilizer. Each 1.5 Peat will produce 1.0 Ash. These engines have 1 inventory slot for Peat and 4 for Ash. They will stop operation when all inventory slots for Ash are full.


Energy Ticks Furnace Value
Peat 1 MJ/t 5000 4000
Bituminous Peat 2 MJ/t 6000 -/-



Produces: 1 x Peat Fired Engine

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