Mass Fabricator

Mass Fabricator
Name Mass Fabricator
Type IC Machines
Tool 32px
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 250:14
EMC Value 36470
Mod Included Industrial Craft 2

The Mass Fabricator is a considerably high cost, advanced machine that requires 1,000,000 EU to generate UU-Matter. This material in return is capable of creating almost everything in Minecraft itself. Note: using a Mass Fabricator to generate UU-Matter will drain power very fast. It is a good tip to have at least 1-2 HV Solar Arrays or machines similar to that amount of energy generation.

Scrap will greatly increase the speed and reduce the cost of the fabricator by 6 times. Scrap is consumed in the process, a total of 34 scrap is needed to create matter at maximum efficiency. To produce enough scrap to run the fabricator constantly, you need one Scrap for every 17.86 EU/t input (approximately). It's worth noting that scrap does NOT decrease power consumption; instead it will make more UU-matter for the same amount of energy. Scrap Boxes will amplify even more(Scrap Box amplification scales 1:1 with Scrap resulting in ~.03 UU-matter/Scrap which is the same ratio obtained when using normal scrap. ∴ Scrap Boxes are better to use for obtaining UU-matter if manually loading the Mass Fabricator). If pumping Scrap/Scrap Box from a Recycler to the Mass Fabricator, the pipes must connect to the bottom of the Mass Fabricator. If you wish to produce a lot of UU matter quickly, it would be best if you set up a Scrap Factory to make the Mass Fabricator run quickly.

Currently, this, the Oil Fabricator, and the Terraformer are the only machines that are capable of accepting High Voltage from an HV Transformer or MFS Unit directly. If your Mass Fabricator is far away from your power source, this would be ideal. However, keep in mind that inadvertently using the Extreme Voltage side of the HV Transformer "will cause an explosion of considerable force, similar to a nuke."

Sending a redstone signal (excluding wireless redstone) to the Mass Fabricator will stop it from consuming power. A lever on the block next to it would also work to stop it. Using the wrench won't always give you back the Mass Fabricator, sometimes it gives you back an advanced machine block, An Electric Wrench on LOSSLESS mode (Press M and tap your right mouse button to change modes - key bindings may vary) is required 100% chance of retrieving the machine.


Do not hold the targeting reticle over a machine when changing modes!

This will use your Wrench in whatever mode is currently selected! (meaning you wont have a 100% chance to retrieve your machine.)

Alternate Configuration - Direct link to HV Solar Arrays

While connecting a Mass Fabricator up to a Scrap/Recycling system and redundant MFSU set-up will allow your Mass Fabricator to run smoothly, efficiently, and at night, it is also entirely possible to hook the Mass Fabricator directly up to your HV Solar array. This can make placement and use significantly easier as you only need to connect one HV-capable piece of wiring into the Mass Fabricator. As long as your HV Solar Array set-up is large enough, it will supply plenty of power to the Mass Fabricator much faster than directly hooking it up to an MFSU which can only output one 512EU/T stream. An array of HV Solar Panels feeding an array of MFSUs (not directly linked to each other) would be the most ideal but would require enough space for all the HV panels and MFSUs and their associated wiring.

A Mass Fabricator hooked up to an array of about 14 HV Solar Panels (which were also powering the rest of my base) was consistently producing 1 UU matter in less than 10 seconds with no scrap to help speed things up; which equates to a full stack of UU matter in less than 10 minutes. This is certainly not the fastest setup, but it requires only one machine, the Mass Fabricator, without any manual intervention or complex Scrap-feed systems and will net you enough UU matter to make a full set of Quantum Armor in a few minutes. This assumes however that you already have HV solar arrays.


  Raw Materials Needed  
8 File:Grid Glowstone Dust.png Glowstone Dust
24 Grid Redstone Dust.png Redstone Dust
10 Grid Lapis Lazuli.png Lapis Lazuli
24 Grid Rubber.png Rubber
12 Grid Copper.png Copper
26 Grid Refined Iron.png Refined Iron
1 Grid Diamond.png Diamond
6 Grid Bronze.png Bronze
6 Grid Tin.png Tin
32 File:Grid Coal.png Coal


Oil Fabricator

Lava Fabricator


Input 1,000,000 (166,666 with scrap)
Output -
Storage 1,000,000 (166,666 with scrap)

Maximum Input: HV (512 EU packets) on any one face. Note that this is only a packet size limit - you can have an unlimited number of cables feeding one face of the machine, and an unlimited amount of packets going through one cable, so long as no packet is greater than 512 EU.

Note: a single Mass Fabricator cannot receive more than 500,000 EU/tick.

Video Tutorials

<youtube height=142 width=222>cYEkRLBJa_4</youtube> <youtube height=142 width=222>JXVppUfYMEU</youtube> <youtube height=142 width=222>ObwtBwsmfwE</youtube> <youtube height=142 width=222>pMHYykht2ng</youtube> <youtube width=222 height=142>Q3BwI__VG10</youtube>

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