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From Left: Bronze Ingot, Bronze Dust

Bronze is an item in Industrial craft that comes in the form of Bronze dust and Bronze Ingot. This is commonly made by the combination of tin and copper ores or dusts. Bronze ore cannot be found in the ground as it is a man-made alloy. For this to be made it must firstly go through a Macerator and then a furnace.


Creating Bronze


Bronze can be made by Macerating,Tin Ore and Copper Ore into Tin and Copper Dust. The Tin and Copper Dust can then be crafted to form Bronze Dust.

Rotary Macerator

It can also be created in Rotary Macerator by placing Copper Ore in the top left slot and Tin Ore in the top right slot. The Macerator will create 2 Bronze Dust and use one Copper Ore each go-around, using one Tin ore every third, as per the recipe. If you pull the Tin ore out early, it will 'eat' one of the ores.


The Bronze Dust can then be smelted into Bronze Ingots.


Bronze ingots can be used in the creation of Bronze Armor and Bronze Tools which are 30% more durable than Iron. The tools break the same blocks at a slightly slower speed than Iron tools.

Bronze also is used to craft the important Wrench (IndustrialCraft), which is used for dismantling machines.

It has an EMC value of 255, which is strangely lower than an Iron Ingot or a Tin Ingot.

Note: Bronze could previously be crafted with Ingots, but as Forestry was removed, this is no longer possible.

Wrench (IndustrialCraft)


Mixed Metal Ingot

Bronze Block

Bronze Pickaxe

Bronze Axe

Bronze Hoe

Bronze Sword

Bronze Shovel

Bronze Helmet

Bronze Chestplate

Bronze Legs

Bronze Boots

Rolling Machine

Standard Rail


Metal Post

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