RailCraft adds 4 new carts to Tekkit, out of which 2 can be used alongside IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft.

TNT Cart

The ever popular explosive combination returns. Handle with care. Will explode if jarred or lit on fire. Great for parties. Can be used as a substitute for cannonballs or fireworks in a pinch. Fuse length can be adjust with String. Fuse length is measured in 1/20ths of a second.

The TNT will be lit if it passes over a Priming Rail.


Tunnel Bore

​ Tired of mining by hand? You've come to the right place. The Bore can do it for you! Capable of drilling a 3x3 tunnel in whichever direction you point it. It is powered by your choice of fuel and can fill low spots with gravel to even the grade. Replacement drill heads are sold separately.



  • It takes 9 seconds on average to carve out a 3x3 layer of stone. Less if there is softer materials like dirt or air. Obsidian takes a very long time.
  • In 10 minutes the Bore can carve a tunnel 64 tiles long. In 30 minutes, the Bore will pass beyond the chunk boundary if you remain at the starting point. A good way to combat this is to put a World Anchor cart behind it.
  • It will lay down rails for you .
  • It is expensive
  • The Bore may stop digging for several reasons:
    • Out of fuel.
    • No Bore Head, or the Bore Head broke.
    • Out of gravel or extremely deep hole encountered.
    • Water flooding the tunnel.
    • Dangerous increase in temperature detected underground. Lava suspected. The Bore will not dig out a layer if it believes there is lava behind that layer. Lava will destroy the Bore, be careful.
    • A block was encountered that is not on the list of mineable blocks. Block IDs can be added to the mineable block list via the config file. Ores added via the Forge Ore Dictionary are automatically added to the list.

Bore Head

  • Bore Heads have durability and can be repaired using the vanilla repair recipes.
  • An Iron Bore Head can bore 1500 blocks before breaking. This is enough to dig a tunnel more than 160 tiles long. Cannot mine Obsidian.
  • A Diamond Bore Head can bore 6000 blocks before breaking and can mine Obsidian. This is enough to dig a tunnel nearly 700 tiles long. You'll run out of rails before the head breaks. The Bore can only hold 576 rails at a time. Three diamond pickaxes can only mine about 4500 blocks.


  • Can be powered by any fuel that burns in a Furnace.
  • One piece of Coal or Charcoal will power the Bore for 10 seconds. A stack for 10 min 40s. If filled full of Coal, the Bore can run for 96 minutes without user interaction.
  • Lava is a valid fuel and one bucket will power the Bore for 2 hours. Can hold 6 buckets at a time. Empty buckets are placed in a linked chest cart.
  • Coal Coke, the fuel of choice, will double the return rate of your Coal and lasts for 20 seconds per piece and so one stack will last 21min 20s, and if filled with coal coke will last for 192minutes.


  • When faced with a low spot, the Bore will attempt to fill it with gravel.
  • The drill can hold 9 stacks of gravel.
  • The Bore will only attempt to fill holes less than 10 blocks deep. Ravines will bring it to a stop.


  • The Bore can hold 576 rails at a time.
  • The Bore can place any vanilla or Railcraft rail, though most special rails will interfere with the Bore's operation. Rails, plain Speed Rails, or plain Wooden Tracks are recommended.
  • The Bore will run off the rails like a minecart if it runs out of rails.


Tunnel Bore

Iron Bore Head

Steel Bore Head

Diamond Bore Head

Other Carts

Carts listed here can be integrated into IndustrialCraft or BuildCraft to help in automation.

Tank Cart

This cart can store and transport any liquids. It is filled/emptied at a Liquid Loader/Unloader. It's capacity is the same as a Tank, 16 buckets.


Energy Cart

​The Energy Cart comes in three varieties: BatBox, MFE Unit, and MFS Unit.

The Energy Cart is used to store and transport IndustrialCraft2 Energy Units via rail. Its particularly handy for providing a mobile charging station for your Mining Drill, but also makes for a convenient way to transport moderate amounts of power between distant bases. In the GUI, the top slot is the charging slot and the bottom slot is the power source slot. The cart can also be charged from an Energy Loader, and discharged via an Energy Unloader.


BatBox Cart

MFE Cart


Work Cart

This is basically just a cart with a crafting table in it. Not super useful, but maybe when you're working on a railroad...


Anchor Cart

This is a World Anchor put into a minecart. You can attatch it to your Tunnel Bore with a crowbar to keep it going when no one is in that chunk.

World Anchor

Anchor Cart


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