Name Crowbar
Type RailCraft Tools
Stackable No
Data Value 7315
Mod Included RailCraft

The Crowbar is a multi-purpose tool for working with RailCraft items. It is used to remove old rails, Detectors and Item Loaders. Additionally, right-clicking on a rail will allow you to adjust the rail, such as reversing the rail's direction, opening a GUI. Right-clicking a Detector Block, Cart Dispenser, or Advanced Loader will turn the block to face the side clicked on. It can also be used to link carts together into a train.

The Crowbar can also be used as a weapon, dealing 3 hearts, equivalent to an iron sword. When used this way, the Crowbar's durability decreases at twice the rate. The Crowbar can be found in dungeon chests. Unlike most other tools added to the game, the Crowbar can be enchanted.



Train Dispenser

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