Energy Loader

File:Energy Unloader.png
Energy Unloader
File:Energy loader.44.png
A simple energy loader for Energy Carts.

The Energy Loader and Energy Unloader are used to provide an interface between EU and Energy Carts, such as the BatBox Cart, MFE Cart, and MFSU Cart. They possess a number of advanced features unique to IC2 machines. By default they input and output at 512 EU/t. When one of the selected options triggers, it sends out a Redstone current allowing for launch from a Holding Rail or Boarding Rail. The front of the Loader/Unloader must be facing the cart to charge or discharge.

It is possible to upgrade the storage of any Loader/Unloader with a Lapotron Loader Upgrade.

The Energy Loader and Energy Unloader are similar in appearance with a slightly different texture on the side.




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