File:Minecart ig.png
Name Minecart
Type Vanilla
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 0
Stackable Yes (3)
Data Value dec: 328 hex: 148
EMC Value 1,280
Mod Included Vanilla

Minecarts are a vanilla item that is used to ride down Tracks. They are also used to craft a few different types of carts from the RailCraft mod, and is also used in crafting the Tunnel Bore, a machine used for making perfect 3x3 tunnels.


With 5 Iron:

With 5 Bronze:

With 5 Steel:


Tunnel Bore

Tank Cart

TNT Cart

Work Cart

Chest Cart


BatBox Cart

MFE Cart

Anchor Cart

Furnace Cart

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