Waterproof Pipes

Waterproof Pipes were introduced in BuildCraft 2.2.0. Waterproof Pipes can be used to transport Oil, Fuel, Water, and Lava to different locations such as over the sea. These pipes allow liquids to be transported into Engines, Tanks and Oil Refineries. When a Waterproof Pipe is not connected to anything, the waterproof pipe will fill itself up instead of pouring the contents onto the world.

Pipe Waterproof is crafted by placing cactus green into any space on a crafting bench or inventory crafting grid. This is then used to create Waterproof Pipes, for transport.

All pipes except for Obsidian Pipe and Diamond Pipe can be turned into a Waterproof Pipe. A Waterproof Pipe is created by placing Pipe Waterproof on top of a Wooden Pipe, Cobblestone Pipe, Stone Pipe, Iron Pipe, Gold Pipe or Redstone Pipe. Waterproof Pipes will only connect to other Waterproof Pipes. They cannot connect to Transport Pipes or Conductive Pipes.



Wooden Waterproof Pipe

Waterproof Pipes allow liquids to be pulled out of a tank or oil refinery. This is done by placing an engine next to the Wooden Waterproof Pipe.

Stone and Cobblestone Waterproof Pipe

Stone and Cobblestone Waterproof Pipes are the basic liquid transport pipes. Stone and Cobblestone Waterproof Pipes will not connect to each other. This fact can be used to make tight and compact pipes that are travelling to the same area and can be used when in compact spaces.

Iron Waterproof Pipe

The Iron Waterproof Pipe has up to five inputs and one output.

It will send all incoming liquids in one direction. The direction can be changed by right-clicking the pipe with a Wrench. The output direction can also be changed by redstone current. Every time it either loses or gains redstone power, it will cycle to a different output. However, it will never output to a Wooden Waterproof Pipe. This combination of properties allows for players to accurately control its output direction from afar, via redstone wiring; in addition, this can be used to distribute liquids among multiple pipes by using a redstone clock. Players who have not mined enough redstone can simply use a Wrench.

Gold Waterproof Pipe

The Gold Waterproof Pipe is almost the same as a Stone or Cobblestone Waterproof pipe, it transports liquids from one place to another however, it has the highest transport capacity of all Waterproof pipes making it the most effective.

File:2012-08-01 01.01.51.png
One installation that needs a lot of waterproof pipes (and even conductive) is Oil Refineries. It will take a long time to fix a problem if it occurs in this advanced mess.

Redstone Waterproof Pipe

This item transmits a redstone signal when it is completely full of liquid.

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