Conductive Pipes

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Conductive Pipes are capable of transporting Minecraft Joules from Engines to BuildCraft Machines, such as the Quarry, Mining Well, and Oil Refinery. Energy travelling through Conductive Pipes is displayed as a solid blue line, with varying thickness depending on the amount of energy passing through the pipe. Conductive Pipes can explode if looped. There are 4 types of conductive pipe: Wooden, Stone, Gold, and Teleport.

Wooden Conductive Pipes

Wooden Conductive Pipes are used to extract energy from Engines or an Energy Link. They can be connected to Stone Conductive Pipes and Gold Conductive Pipes. Wooden Conductive Pipes are made with a Wooden Transport Pipe and Redstone.

Stone Conductive Pipes

Stone Conductive Pipes are the basic pipes used to transport the energy after it has been extracted by the Wooden Conductive Pipes. These pipes lose 1% of their energy for each block travelled making them inefficient over long distances.

Gold Conductive Pipes

Gold Conductive Pipes are also used to transport the energy. These pipes only lose 0.01% of their energy for every block travelled and so it is better to use these for transporting power over long distances than to use Stone Conductive Pipes. In theory, you could use these to make a power grid that can cover your entire world, so if you wanted to make a Quarry, just tap into your power grid.

Power Teleport Pipes

Power Teleport Pipes are used to transport energy over long distances to other Teleport Conductive Pipes without the loss of power associated with each standard Stone or Gold Conductive Pipe. Other Power Teleport Pipes on the same frequency, placed by the same player and with the "can receive" option set to true will receive the power from the source pipe. There is a distance limit, so placing pipes to "boost" the teleport signal may be needed.

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