Philosopher's Stone

Philosopher's Stone
File:Philosopher's Stone.png
Name Philosopher's Stone
Type EE Power Items
Stackable No
Data Value 27526:41
EMC Value 9984
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Philosopher's Stone is part of the Equivalent Exchange mod. It is used catalytically in many recipes and has many features that make it one of the most useful items in Tekkit.

Philosopher's Stones are instrumental in the creation of Nova Catalysts, one of the most notable explosive items in Tekkit.




Press the "Charge" key, by default "V," to charge the Philosopher's Stone. Pressing Shift + V will lower the charge. There are 5 charge / power levels. While holding the Philosopher's Stone, right click grass to change it into sand, cobblestone into stone, and leaves or wood to change it from oak to spruce then spruce to birch and vice versa. If you have a suitable source of EMC in your inventory (coal seems to work best for this), press "Release Charge", "R" by default, while targeting a mob and holding the Stone to transform it into other mobs of the same alignment (e.g cows will never become creepers, and creepers will never become cows).




Alchemical Coal

Mobius Fuel

Aeternalis Fuel






Interdiction Torch

Transmutation Tablet

Realtime Transmutation

The Philospher's Stone not only gives the power to change a handful of items into others, but it can also transform the very environment. Right Clicking will transmute certain blocks into others; Shift + Right Click will change blocks as well (They change back to their previous form when clicked again):

Right Click Shift + Right Click
Stone <--> Cobblestone Stone -> Dirt (Grass)
Dirt (Grass) <--> Sand Cobblestone -> Dirt (Grass)
Tall Grass -> Dead Bush Dirt (Grass) -> Cobblestone
Netherrack -> Cobblestone Sand -> Cobblestone
Gravel -> Sandstone Sandstone -> Gravel
Melon <--> Pumpkin  
Water -> Ice  
Lava -> Obsidian  
Oak Wood-> Pine Wood-> Birch Wood  
Dandelion <--> Rose  
Brown Mushroom <--> Red Mushroom  
Glass -> Sand

This effect costs no EMC. Transmuting large areas at once can incur a cooldown on the effect.


Release Charge key (default R): Fires a projectile outwards. If it hits a mob, it will transform it into another random mob of that disposition, Peaceful or Aggressive. This effect costs 1 fuel (glowstone dust, redstone dust, etc.) Mobs added by other mods will turn into a slime or sheep randomly regardless of that mobs disposition. Sometimes, there is a bug that even when a mob is hit by this projectile, nothing happens.

Extra Function key (default C): Opens a Crafting Table. Due to some changes by Mojang, there is a bug making the Philosopher's Stone jump out of your table into your inventory or worse, disappear.

Special function key (default C than X): this will open a enchanting table where you can enchant tools and weapons lvl 1(I) to 10(X). You can choose your own enchant, it is part of the NEI cheat mod that you won't lose your exp lvl's.

Charge key (default V): Raises the power level. Increasing the stone's area of effect on larger realtime transmutation area (You can reset it by using it in a crafting recipe).

Sneak+Charge (shift-V): Lowers the power level. Decreasing the stone's area of effect.

Mode Select key (default G): Change the realtime transmutation shape from cube (default 3 dimensional cube), panel (2 dimensional cube, best if you only want to transmute a surface and no blocks behind it), and line (which is a 3x3x? cube, where ? depends on the charge level, best to transmute the walls of a tunnel or similar).

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