Nova Catalyst

Nova Catalyst
File:Nova Catalyst.png
Name Nova Catalyst
Type Explosives
Luminance 3
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:126:10
EMC Value 1506
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Nova Catalyst is a large explosive device that is greater than tnt and tends to leave massive craters. They blister through all forms of material with relative ease, and have a very wide area of effect.

Characteristics of Explosion

They won't hurt you, or anything for that matter. You can stand right next to the blast as it safely vaporizes all materials nearby to their appropriate "collectable" forms. This also means no items will ever be "accidentally" vaporized.  

File:Nova Catalyst Radius.png
The radius of the Nova Catalyst's blast.

They don't drop individual items. Much like several of the alchemical items, this explosion drops everything in a neat, lag reducing bundle nearby the player, leaving you free to 

detonate massive quantities of the stuff in relative safety, and without the worry of losing the items in lava.


Due to the low blast resistance of Netherrack, most people choose to use Nova Catalysts in the Nether to produce diamonds. One Nova Catalyst will often produce an average of the equivalent of 2 Diamond Ores. Players must take caution when using this method, however. Although it does not take health damage on the player directly, Nova Catalysts usually create a very large blast radius, and most structures below or next to it will be destroyed. Standing next to a Nova Catalyst while detonating will result in falling into a hole or even lava when it explodes.


Recipe Usage

Nova Cataclysm

Destruction Catalyst


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