Mobius Fuel

Mobius Fuel
File:Mobius Fuel.png
Name Mobius Fuel
Type EE Materials
Luminance No
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec:27540
EMC Value 2,048
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

Mobius Fuel is a fuel used only in Equivalent Exchange Furnaces.

Crafting Mobius Fuel is possible with Alchemical Coal which is crafted using Coal. It can also be obtained using an Energy Collector.

It is used in crafting the Klein Star, and therefore, should be remembered in your Transmutation Tablet.

Note that when crafting Mobius Fuel, or for a matter of fact any type of EE fuel such as Aeternalis Fuel and Alchemical Fuel, you may put the Philosophers stone anywhere in the crafting table and place the 4 amounts of fuel using in any other 4 slots in the crafting table. It's total EMC value is 2048 making it able to make gold.



Aeternalis Fuel

Nova Catalyst

Ring of Ignition

Destruction Catalyst

Klein Star Ein


Despite common opinion, Mobius Fuel is probably not named for a Latin word. Rather, it is likely named after August Ferdinand Mobius, a German mathematician known for his "Mobius strip," a topological curiosity. This mirrors the naming of the Klein Star after Felix Klein, another German mathematician known for a topological curiosity, the Klein bottle. It appears that the idea is that these materials store energy with a high density using exotic topologies.

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