Ring of Ignition

Ring of Ignition
File:Ring of Ignition.png
Name Ring of Ignition
Stackable No
EMC Value 285848
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Ring of Ignition is a power ring from Equivalent Exchange with powerful and destructive capabilities.

Left clicking with the ring will fire a projectile that bursts a 3x3x3 area into flames, directly. Doing so consumes nothing.

Pressing R or Right clicking while you have a charge will lay down a long "wall" of fire. The distance ranges from 3 to 30, 3 per charge level, of which there is a maximum of 10.

The ring-bearer is immune to lava and fire while wearing it (on the hotbar) and the ring will attempt to extinguish any flames in a 3x3 square around the player, removing the visibility issues with constantly being on fire. Previous versions only extinguished one panel in an attempt to reduce the visibility issues produced by being on fire all the time. Since a player can bridge two panels at once, however, it was a bit limited in effectively improving visibility.

Pressing G activates the ring. Every 10 seconds, the ring will consume 1 Redstone Dust. During this state, the area around the player will constantly erupt into flames. Mobs will suddenly burst into flames and take fire damage, and blocks will catch fire constantly. The damage mobs take from the immolation is quite intense, and frequent (even if sporadic) - expect nearby creatures to die rather rapidly. If they don't die straight away, the long-duration fire debuff will likely be the finishing touch.

Also, Obsidian will turn into Lava when lit on fire with the Ring of Ignition.



Ring of Arcana


The projectile fire burst function currently does not work in Survival Singleplayer. On some servers, it also will not work properly in Survival Multiplayer.

Video Tutorial

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