Holding Track

File:Holding Rail.png
The Holding Track.

The Holding Track is a track that will stop any Minecart passing over it and hold it in place when not currently powered by a redstone signal. The cart cannot be pushed off.

When powered, these rails act just like standard Powered Track. This rail is very similar to the Boarding Rail, but the only difference is that the rail will launch the cart in the direction it was traveling upon arrival rather than a set direction.

There are two versions of this rail, the standard cart version that is designed to grab and release a single cart, and the train version designed to grab and release entire trains of Linked carts.


Cart version:

Train version


  • The Train Holding Cart variety doesn't function any differently than the Cart Holding Track, grabbing the first cart in a train (tested with a Furnace Cart and 10 standard minecarts).
  • The holding track appears to remember the direction it has boosted a cart in even if redstone power is removed. The only way to get it to boost in the correct direction once it has already boosted a cart is for it to be unpowered when a new cart arrives. (MrMonkfish (talk) 00:34, November 29, 2012 (UTC))

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