Nether Ores

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The 8 Nether Ores added by the mod.

This mod has been reported to be bugged, therefore some servers may not have the mod installed. This occurs because the mod was compiled with JDK 7. Install Java 7 if you want to use this mod for your server.

Nether Ores is a mod which spawns new blocks in the Nether. These blocks are the netherrack-encased ores which are the equivalent of the Overworld ores. It has IC2 support. However, it has been suspected of altering the spawn rate of ghasts.

These ores can make you quite rich, but beware, the zombie pigmen don't take too kindly to people stealing their resources (or you remodeling your house), and they will become hostile if they are near you when you mine them. If there are no zombie pigmen near you, each pigman from then until you leave the nether will have a chance of being hostile to you. Obviously retaliation will make all nearby pigmen hostile as well.

Ages of being exposed to the hostile environment of the Nether have left these ores somewhat unstable; sometimes they explode when you mine them, touch them, step on them, or when exposed to fire, other explosions and on rare cases, spontaneously combust when exposed to air. Because of their explosive nature on collision with the player, it is best to watch your step when traversing the nether. There is also a great danger of falling into lava because of the strange land and sudden drops in the nether. The Mining Laser is a good semi-endgame tool to use when mining these ores, because they are given less time to "realize" that they are being mined.

Once you harvest one of these, you can either smelt it in any furnace or put it into a Macerator. Nether iron ore gets you an iron ingot, nether redstone gets you redstone dust, etc. However, a Macerator will give you two coal, copper ore, tin ore, or diamonds for one of their respective nether ores. It is also supposed to give four iron dust or gold dust for a nether iron ore or nether gold ore, and the dust can then be smelted into ingots.

Note: The Nether Diamond Ore seems to be much more common than in the overworld. Since a Diamond tipped Mining Drill mines through netherack virtually instantly, bringing one of those, a LapPack, and a Tier 3 Divining Rod will yield an extremely large number of Diamond ores - each of which can be macerated into two diamonds. Even a short 5-10 minute trip can easily yield over a stack of diamonds. An Alchemy Bag or Ender Pouch is strongly recommended, due to exploding ores. Also note that using a Black Hole Band in conjunction with an Alchemy bag will allow you to mine ores from the edge of your reach - out of range of the explosion - but still able to pick up the ores.

This is arguably a better method of gaining EMC materials than using a Black hole band, Alchemy Bag, and a Jetpack to easily collect a large amount of glowstone.


The following table compares the efficiency of the ore between macerating and putting through a Red Matter Furnace .

Ore Macerator Output RM Furnace Output
Nether Iron Ore 4 Iron Dusts 1 Iron Ore
Nether Gold Ore 4 Gold Dusts 1 Gold Ore
Nether Tin Ore 2 Tin Ores 1 Tin Ore
Nether Copper Ore 2 Copper Ores 1 Copper Ore
Nether Diamond Ore 2 Diamond 1 Diamond
Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore 8 Lapis Lazuli 8 Lapis Lazuli
Nether Redstone Ore 6 Redstone 6 Redstone
Nether Coal Ore 2 Coal 1 Coal

Note: The only positive of the RM Furnace is faster speed and no EU usage.

Depth ranges

The following is an output table for what depth ranges you may find Nether Ore -

Ore Depth Ranges Tool Required to mine
Nether Iron Ore 1 - 96 Stone Pickaxe or better
Nether Gold Ore 1 - 96 Iron Pickaxe or better
Nether Tin Ore 1 - 96 Stone Pickaxe or better
Nether Copper Ore 1 - 96 Stone Pickaxe or better
Nether Diamond Ore 1 - 32 Iron Pickaxe or better
Nether Lapis Lazuli Ore 1 - 128 Iron Pickaxe or better
Nether Redstone Ore 1 - 96 Iron Pickaxe or better
Nether Coal Ore 1 - 128 Stone Pickaxe or better


  • Nether Iron and Nether Gold will not work in a Macerator in SMP.


  • When mining Nether Ores with a Mining Laser, or Destruction Catalyst Zombie Pigmen won't become aggressive. (Tested in SMP as of November 11th, tested in SSP as of December 19th).
  • Unlike normal ores, nether ores can be destroyed by Ghast fireballs.
  • Nether Ores mined by Miners, Quarries, Block Breakers or Mining Turtles also have a chance to explode, but not trigger the wrath of Zombie Pigmen. A Mining Turtle can be "killed" - turned into a floating entity or destroyed outright - by a Nether Ore explosion.
  • Unlike overworld Coal Ores, Nether Coal cannot mined be with a Wood or Gold Pickaxe.
  • Nether Ores still explode when using a Destruction Catalyst

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