Alchemy Bag

Alchemy Bag
Type Chest
Stackable No
Data Value dec: 27562
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Alchemy Bag is very much like a portable Alchemical Chest that can be carried around in the inventory. All inventories are tied to the player.


File:Alchemy Bag Inventory.png
Alchemy Bag Inventory
The Alchemy Bag, like the Alchemical Chest, has 104 item slots.

Multiple bags can be held in a player's inventory at the same time. If they are the same color, they will always open to the same inventory. Using different colored bags allows for unique inventories linked to their color. You can also put an alchemy bag inside another one of a different color for another seperate inventory. For example, you could put an orange alchemy bag inside a white one, take the orange one out, and access the orange bag's inventory.

As you can see in the picture to the right you can have 15 different colors from light purple to red.

Server Operators can use an ingame command (OpenAlc player Color) to see inside Alchemy bags.

Usage With EE Power Items

There are a number of special items in the Equivalent Exchange mod that can be used while inside an Alchemy Bag. Once placed inside the bag, they will automatically turn on.

Black Hole Band

Pulls all items within 7 blocks into the bag.

Gem of Eternal Density  

Condenses items inside the bag to higher level items.

Talisman of Repair

Repairs all items in the bag at a rate of one damage point per second.

Void Ring

Combines the effects of the Black Hole band and the Gem of Eternal Density.

Alchemy Bag v.s. Ender Pouch

See Ender Pouch



As a Crafting Material

Video Tutorial

<youtube width=222 height=142>ygxlRcWrdT0</youtube>


  • When used with a Black Hole Band, it will still pull in items when full. Those items will then just disappear.
  • Also, when combined with a Black Hole Band, there is a bug that sometimes duplicates the items that get pulled in. So it might occur that you gain double the amount of items.
  • It is possible to place an Alchemy Bag within itself, resorting in an inability to access the items until you have created another one.
  • Sometimes when lag on a multiplayer server happens all the items disappear


If you want to make a colored bag, it is more efficient to make a white one, then put it in the crafting grid with the dye. This only saves a small bit of EMC, but is smart if you are scarce of a dye and do not have an Energy Condenser.

If you have enough resources, it can be smart to make 2 of each one you use, so that you can get to what you have in it if you accidentally put the bag inside itself while moving things from your inventory to the bag.

A practical use for this bag is storing items, as they will be safe if you die. Many people will put tools into the bag to avoid making a long journey back to their base.

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