File:Storage detector.png
A storage detector, that sends any storage cart to the right track.

This detector block will detect any Minecart that passes adjacent to them. They can be placed under or beside rails. They will only provide power in the direction of the light.


There are various kinds of detectors for different purposes, such as Chest Carts, Tank Carts, manned Minecarts, and Energy Carts.

Detector - Storage

Triggers only on Chest Carts.

Detector - Player

Triggers only if cart has a player in it.

Detector - Empty

Triggers on detecting an empty cart.

Detector - Mob

Triggers only on a cart with a monster in them.


Detector - Animal

Triggers only if there is an animal in the cart. It has a GUI for selecting different kind of animals.

Detector - Growth

Triggers only with a adult animal in them, does not trigger with a baby animal.

Detector - Explosive

Triggers only if a TNT cart passes.

Detector - Advanced

Uses a GUI to select which carts it triggers.

Detector - Tank

Triggers only on Tank Carts.

Detector - Energy

Triggers only on BatBox Carts, MFE Carts, and MFSU Carts.

Detector - Powered

Detector - Train

Detector - Sheep

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