Dark Matter Furnace

Dark Matter Furnace
File:Dark Matter Furnace.png
Name Dark Matter Furnace
Type EE Factory Blocks
Luminance When Active
Tool File:Grid Iron Pickaxe.png
Stackable Yes
EMC Value 1114120
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Dark Matter Furnace has 8 queue slots for input, 8 for output, a single fuel slot and an active input/output slot, for a total of 9 each. When smelting ores, it has about 50% chance to double its output each smelt. It is 2.5x more fuel efficient, meaning it can vary from a 1 in 2 or a 1 in 3, and is roughly 20 times faster than a standard furnace.

When smelting, if a Chest is present, it will attempt to place the results of its labor in the adjacent chest. However, both the Dark Matter and Red Matter Furnace will only place its contents in a normal, vanilla chest, or an alchemical chest. None of the mod chests, including the Energy Condenser, can be used.

However, using Buildcraft or RedPower pipes, it is possible to pump items from the vanilla chest to one with a larger inventory.

It can also be powered by EMC directly from an Energy Collector or Antimatter Relay, and apart from the Red Matter Furnace, is the only machine capable of using Alchemical Coal, Mobius Fuel or Aeternalis Fuel. It cannot, however, be powered by Railcraft's Coal Coke.

When using Charcoal, the Dark Matter Furnace treats it as normal Coal, but when using normal Coal, it gives it a fuel value 4 times its original equivalent.

Because the Dark Matter Furnace only has a 50% chance to double the Ingot output from an Ore, and it does not double any ore-dust, it is more efficient to Macerate your Ores into 2 Dusts and smelt them - especially when there is free EU given by renewable powers with IndustrialCraft.

NOTE: Dark Matter Furnaces do NOT double all the time - they only double ores.

Smelting Chart

Item Description EMC value Amount smelted EMC/smelt
File:Grid Charcoal.png Charcoal 32 44 0.727
File:Grid Coal.png Coal 128 44 2.909
File:Grid Alchemical Coal.png Alchemical Coal 512 177 2.893
File:Grid Mobius Fuel.png Mobius Fuel 2048 711 2.880
File:Grid Aeternalis Fuel.png Aeternalis Fuel 8192 2908 2.817



A Dark Matter Furnace can be upgraded to a Red Matter Furnace.

Video Tutorial

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