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Welcome to the Feed the Beast Wiki,

the free community wiki that anyone can edit, dedicated to the Feed the Beast multiplayer mod pack. 197 articles in English.

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About Feed the Beast

Feed the Beast is a modpack for Minecraft. It adds a huge number of items, recipes and world-generation to the game, and is used in the YouTube series "Feed the Beast." The modpack centers on several famous mods such as IndustrialCraft and BuildCraft but the full list is extensive. All of the mods in the pack have been approved by the modders to be included. The FTB launcher was released on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012, with a live-stream broadcast on the Feed The Beast website. The launcher currently features a work-in-progress version of the Feed the Beast modpack. The official modpack release is TBD and will most likely launch once RedPower 2, Thaumcraft 3, Equivalent Exchange 3 and XyCraft are all fully updated and stable.

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