Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

Feed The Beast is considered By many to be a complex and difficult mod-pack to learn, but fear not! This guide aims to change that by directing the gamer's attention to ways of playing the game that acceleration advancement in the game.

Rules that should be followed

  • NEVER chop down a Rubber tree
  • NEVER Smelt and /or process %100 Of each ore type
  • Try to always save your coal
  • Try to start a Passive mob farm early
  • Understand the Buildcraft and Industrialcraft2 power systems
  • Don't kill more than 3 sheep The whole game (per person)

a full (and more explained) List of Tips can be found here

This is an FTB Lite/Beta/Ultimate guide ONLY

in this guide we will be speaking about the mod-packs that are FTB variations. containing the following mods

mods Base

Minecraft Forge NotEnoughItems CodeChickenCore AdvancedMachines Buildcraft Chargepads ChickenChunks CompactSolars Computercraft Ee3 Forestry Ic2 InvTweaks Ironchest MiscPeripherals NeiPlugins NeiPluginsRedpower Obsidiplates Portalgun Railcraft Redpower ReiMinimap StevesCarts Thaumcraft ThermalExpansionNei ThermalExpansion VoxelPlayer VoxelMenu WirelessRedstone

Beta add-ons

Ender Storage ExtraBiomes XL Factorization ForgeIRC Gregtech Advanced Solar Panels GraviSuite Modular Forcefield System Mystcraft Twilight Forest

Ultimate add-ons

Power Crystals Core Advanced Solarpanels Applied Energistics BiblioCraft ChargePads Extrabees Extrabiomes Flat Bedrock Nuclear Control ImmibisCore Mine Factory Reloaded Modular Forcefield System Modular Powersuits Mystcraft Nether Ores Omnitools Petrogen PortalGun Power Converters SecretRooms Soulshards ThaumicBees Thermal Expansion Tubestuff Voxelmods XReliquary Xycraft

Beta only

Rei's Minimap

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