Printing Factory

Printing Factory
Name Printing Factory
Type Machine
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool ic2wrench
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value 702:61
Mod Included GregTech

The Printing Factory is a machine added by GregTech used to craft books, dye items and copy written books. It will accept no more than 32 EU/p or it will explode.

  • With the inclusion of the Conveyor Module, the Printing Factory will automatically output completed product. Items can only be output to inventories that are attached to the output side. Automatic output is triggered once per minute or if both output slots are full. Automatic output can be disabled by pressing the orange conveyor button.
  • EU is also transferred to the output side if the EU transfer button is pressed.
  • The Center slot is where written books go in order to be copied.
  • Will not accept power or items from the front side.
  • You can switch between separated and unseparated Input Slots by pressing the "bar" button.
  • If there are too many overclocker upgrades the machine will not output an item at all.


As with most Gregtech recipies the refined iron plates can be substituted with aluminum plates instead.

File:Printing Factory GUI.png
The Printing Factory's GUI


The Printing Factory is most convenient for mass producing written books to trade with villagers. In order to automate the Printing Factory, items must be piped into the appropriate face or else they will end up in the wrong slot. The primary input slot is where books and paper goes and items piped into the sides of the machine will be placed there. The secondary input slot is where ink sacs and leather go and items piped into the top or bottom will be placed there. Items piped into the output face will always end up in the output slot. There is no way to place written books into the middle slot automatically.

It takes 800 EU to bind a book and 200 EU to copy a written book. Dying an item requires 400 EU per item and is compatible with ore dictionary dyes and recipes.

No feathers are required for copying books in the Printing Factory, only a book and an ink sac.


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