Harvest Goddess Band

File:Harvest Goddess Band.png
The Harvest Goddess Band.

The Harvest Goddess Band is a power ring that has power over nature and plants.

Simply wearing the ring does a few things.

  • Tilled fields will stay tilled.
  • Crops, Reeds and Cacti will grow randomly at a fixed rate.
  • Flowers, Mushrooms, and Tallgrass will duplicate themselves randomly at a fixed rate.

Activating the ring with the G key turns on "Harvest mode". In this state, the ring's jewel is red. Every ten seconds the ring will consume a single Redstone Dust, Coal or Charcoal. While active, the effect of growth and duplication rates are effectively doubled. In addition to this, any crops reaching maturity, or Cactus or Reeds reaching a height of 3 will be reaped. Cactus will be completely reaped, to prevent destruction of Cactus blocks, but Reeds will be reaped down to a single block high, allowing them to regrow. Any Flowers, Mushrooms and Tall Grass in the players vicinity will also be "mowed".

Next, the items left click ability will consume 4 Bone Meal, attempting to fertilize as many plants in the direct vicinity as possible. This will randomly work on Saplings at approximately 33% chance, but it will guarantee growth of Cacti, Reeds and Crops, as well as forced duplication of Mushrooms, Flowers and Tallgrass.

File:Godess growth area.png
The area in which plants grow while holding the ring.

Finally, the item will plant large fields of crops when used on appropriate block types.

When used on Dirt or Grass near water, it will attempt to plant Reeds. When used on Sand, it plants Cacti. When used on Dirt or Grass not near water, it plants Saplings. Finally, when used on Tilled Soil, it plants Seeds. When planting Saplings and Cacti, it will space them out in such a fashion that allows easy passage between plants for harvesting.

Note: The Harvest Goddess Band does not affect Cross Breeding.



Ring of Arcana

Do NOT charge the Ignition and the Zero ring.

You can also turn dirt into grass.

Note: You keep the Ring.

Video Tutorial

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