Creosote Oil

Creosote Oil is used to preserve Wooden Ties against rot and decay. The particular properties of this oil derived from Coal or Wood helps to waterproof and protect wood against many forms of insects and bacteria that would otherwise destroy it quickly.

You can collect it in bottles, buckets, or cans. When you make wooden ties with a bottle you lose the bottle in the process, but a bottle is cheap to make using an Energy Condenser.

Creosote Oil is obtained by cooking coal or wood in a Coke Oven. It is essentially a free byproduct of the process. You will need multiple Coke Ovens to produce it in quantity as it takes several minutes to produce and cannot be sped up. The only other way to make creosote oil is to cook it in a furnace, although this is turned off by default on servers.

Another way to collect Creosote Oil is to blast Coal Ore with the Super-Heat setting on a Mining Laser. This drops 2 Creosote Oil as it would when smelted.

Another method is cooking coal or charcoal in any furnace.  As of Tekkit 3.1.2 charocal yields one cresote oil and cooking coal yields two cresote oil.  co

al), this is an easy alternative rather than using Coke Ovens.  

Aside from crafting, Creosote Oil can also be found in dungeon chests, although it's very rare, (0.2 is the default in Tekkit build 3.1.2).


To make Creosote Oil, burn coal inside a Furnace.

Creosote Oil can also be produced by burning coal inside a Coke Oven. This produces Coal Coke as well as Creosote Oil as a byproduct.

(NOTECreosote Oil can ONLY be made in a Coke Oven in Tekkit 3.1.3)


Creosote Oil is used to craft Railbeds, which is used to make complex tracks (from Railcraft). Note that you will also require a Rolling Machine to make Rails in order to use the Railbeds effectively.

Wooden Tie

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