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Engines are machines used to generate energy in the form of MJ. While originally added by Buildcraft, engines are now available from a variety of mods.Depending on the type, engines require different types of fuel or materials to run. What they all have in common however is that they need a redstone signal (e.g. from a Lever) to work.Any of these machines can be broken with a wooden pick or better.


===Redstone Engine=== The Redstone Engine is the most basic engine, only needing to be turned on using a redstone signal to run. It has a very low power output (1MJ/s or 0.05MJ/t). Most machines won't accept power from a Redstone Engine, except Thermal Expansion and Railcraft machines.==Recipe==

==Steam/Stirling Engine==The Steam/Stirling Engine is an upgrade of the Redstone Engine. It is signifigantly more powerful, producing 1MJ/t, but uses fuel such as coal. It will eventually explode if it is producing more power than is being used.==Recipe==


Stone Gear





Stone Gear

Stirling Engine

===Combustion Engine===Combustion Engines are the most expensive engine, but are also the most powerful BuildCraft engine producing up to 6MJ/t. They require fuel such as Lava, Fuel or Oil to run, and if not looked after correctly are prone to explosion. It is necessary to keep them cool to avoid an explosion.==Recipe==

==Electrical Engine==An Electrical Engine is used to convert IndustrialCraft 2 energy (EU) to Buildcraft energy (MJ). It is part of the Forestry mod. It will output 2 MJ/t, but can be upgraded to output 14 MJ/t.==Recipe==

==Biogas Engine==The Biogas Engine can be fueled by Water, Milk, Honey, Seed Oil or Biomass. It also requires Lava to start up, but will never overheat. Depending on the fuel, Biogas Engines produce between 1 MJ/t to 5 MJ/t.==Recipe==

==Peat-fired Engine===The Peat-fired Engine requires Peat or Bituminous Peat to run and will produce Ash during the process. It will output 1 MJ/t to 2 MJ/t depending on the fuel. It will stop working once there's too much ash stored.====Recipe====

===Magmatic Engine (Thermal Expansion)===The Magmatic Engine requires lava to run. It outputs between 0.4 MJ/t and 4 MJ/t, and will overheat and stop working if it has nothing to power, this can be remedied by simply clicking it with a Buildcraft Wrench or a Crescent Hammer.*Picture is not 100% correct depending on your Thermal expantion version, older versions of the recipe requires Tin ingots/gears====Recipe====


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