Electrical Engine

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This article contains material that is not in the current version of Tekkit.
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The Electrical Engine will take in Industrial Craft EU and power all of Forestry and BuildCraft's machines.

This engine requires a constant Redstone signal to work regardless of whether it has an electrical current passing through it or not.

The Electrical Engine is great for long usage because it does not overheat. It is also great attached to a machine shop, since electricity is readily available, and an electrical engine will remove a full stack from a chest or a machine.

Instead of Electrical engines you can now use the Energy Link which works about the same.


Requires 6 EU/t to produce 2 MJ/t. Accepts any voltage. Will refuse operation if IC2 is not installed.


Total Raw Materials:

With BuildCraft:

8 sticks

12 cobblestone

1 iron ingot  

1 glass block

1 redstone dust

11 tin ingots

3 wooden planks

Without BuildCraft:

Everthing the same as above but 12 tin instead of 11 tin

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